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How Do You Stop Motion Sickness?

Whether from an amusement park ride, a car, or a plane, motion sickness can bring about immense discomfort. Moreover, a lot of people have to contend with this condition from time to time. And if you are one of these people, you probably don’t know how to remedy it.

What causes motion sickness?

motion sickness There is a balance center in your inner ears. And when you are in motion, the balance center may sense a host of different things. This is where motion sickness comes about. People try out several tricks to remedy motion sickness. Mostly, these are medications which may have terrible side effects. Natural solutions such as CBD may come in handy. But you’d need the best CBD to treat motion sickness. If you use compromised CBD products, the motion sickness symptoms you might be experiencing will worsen.

How does CBD help with motion sickness?

Acid amide hydrolase is the enzyme responsible for the disintegration of endocannabinoids. CBD works through inhibiting this enzyme. When this happens, the levels of anandamide increases. As a result, the endocannabinoid receptors become more alert. And the nausea center in your brain responds more effectively against the motion sickness enzymes.

How much CBD should you take for motion sickness?

The answer to this question isn’t clear-cut as you’d expect as the dosage varies for each individual. Nevertheless, determining the first dosage is crucial. But how can you know what’s the right starting dose? The only way to know is to try. Before you identify the right dosage, you’ll make a few errors. But once you do, you’ll know how much CBD to take in any given scenario.Experts advise that you start with a small dose. You can proceed to increase or decrease the dose as per your body weight and its effectiveness.

When to take CBD for motion sickness

If you know that you’ll take part in an activity that triggers motion sickness, you may want to have your CBD dose early.The best time is an hour before the bus ride or flight. Cbd works incredibly well against motion sickness. It combats the symptoms as soon as they start. For the best results, see to it that you invest in quality CBD products that free from other additives. Remember, that poor quality CBD from backstreet may make your symptoms worse.


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