writing a poem

You have probably heard about how impactful poetry is on the mind. Maybe you are not sure how to share and introduce poetry to your child. The truth is that poetry can be positive for the child’s development. Get Dijon Bowden’s first poetry book here. The following are the various ways poetry plays a critical role in children’s lives.

Encourages Creativity and Art

Poetry helps the kids understand that life, emotions, and love can be expressed in a range of ways. With poetry, kids can learn to imagine and create. A child can write or perform a poem for your family. It does not matter whether the poem is original or not, it helps inspire and shape playtime. You need to think about the various poetic forms and the subject matters. Also, there are kid-friendly poetry topics and books you should introduce children to the poetry.

Sparks Imagination

reading poemMetaphors, similes, and imagery can be learned through poetry. In this era, there is a need to find a way for the kids to engage their imaginations. The truth is that poetry creates a framework that allows them to think out of the box. As your child learns to dissect a poem, he or she will be exposed to different sentence structures and words. In this way, your child can learn how to organize words and how to convey messages.

Promotes Story Writing

The good thing about poetry is that it creates lots of opportunities for the storytellers. It does not matter whether you are drawing your own experience or inspiration to create a different world with stories and words. You should note that children have their dreams, perspectives, and personalities. As your child reads more poems and stories, the more likely he or she will be inspired to write stories.

Creates a Bond with Literature

The same way you share your old songs or movies with your kids, it is also possible to do so with poetry. You can do this by incorporating your favorite poets and poems into the reading times. As you know, reading is quite important for children. It can help enrich your storytime and even delve into a range of themes, styles, and topics together.

Express Emotions

When children read poems that process complex emotions, they learn to identify and express their feelings and emotions. That is the case when they read poetry about friendship, love, sadness, and hope. In this way, they can discuss complex topics more openly.